Nature Photography Guide

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Submitting your Nature Photos

My Nature Photos is designed to show Nature Photos from around the world.  We are starting to receive pictures from amateur and professional photographers, and we will do our best to organize and display these pictures.  Here are some guidelines for submitting photos.

Nature photos should be taken outdoors, in natural settings.  We love ALL nature photos, including animals (fish, birds, insects, and every kind of critter), plants, landscapes and water.  We would prefer photos of animals in the wild, not in captivity.
We will give credit to all photographers.  If you are under 14, check with a parent or guardian first, and please don't give us your name.  You can mention that you are a student, give us your grade and your school name, and your town.
Professionals are welcome to submit photos without watermarks.  Although these photos are high quality, they are much lower resolution than the original film.  We will be happy to provide information on purchasing high-quality enlargements of any professional photos from the photographer.  Stock photographers are also welcome to submit photos.
We are looking for high-quality photographs, but we realize that it isn't always easy to get great photos of wary prey.  We can't promise to display every photo submitted, but send us your best efforts and we will do our best to show the world a glimpse of your local nature.  Where appropriate, you should crop your photo... but we can do this for you.  Don't perform color correction unless you know what you are doing, and if you do, go easy on it.
It is helpful if you tell us all that you can about your photo.  Let us know where it was taken, and what we are looking at.  Let us know all that you know about the animal, plant, or scene in the photo.  Tell us what kind of camera you were using, or other equipment.  If you hid for hours in a blind waiting for the elusive dodo bird, let us know how you finally got the shot of a lifetime.  We will be adding a "how-to" section soon, and we would like to share any tips that you might have for getting better nature photos.