Great Blue Heron

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Great Blue Heron

They will hunt around on land, as well as in the water.  You may see them hunting on your lawn, or in the woods for mice or moles.  They can often be seen wading along the edge of the lake, and if you watch them long enough, you may see them catch a fish.  They are amazing fliers, with impressive wingspans.  They sometimes perch high in trees.  They have beautiful blue-gray feathers, with a spot on their shoulders.

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Catching a fish
Heron4.JPG (198720 bytes)
Caught one!
Heron6.JPG (192195 bytes)
A nice Perch.
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Heron7.JPG (149567 bytes)
The heron turns the fish so it can swallow it head first.
Heron8.JPG (211609 bytes)
Down the hatch!
DSC00296.JPG (27523 bytes) Heron-taking-off.jpg (128744 bytes)

Taking off

Heron flying