Tom L. Vaughan

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Dr. Thomas L. Vaughan, MD, MPH 

Dr. Vaughan is a professor of Epidemiology at the University of Washington, and the Head of the Epidemiology Program at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center.  Dr. Vaughan just happens to have the same first and last name as the webmaster of, and it turns out he shares a common interest in Nature Photography as well.  

More information on Dr. Vaughan is available from his website,  More of Tom's nature photos are available also, at

image1.jpg (25220 bytes)

Yellow flower of Skunk Cabbage

image2.jpg (81426 bytes)

Leaf in Fir tree

image3.jpg (33059 bytes)

Palouse region of Southeastern Washington

image4.jpg (58611 bytes)

Palouse region of Southeastern Washington

The first two (yellow flower of skunk cabbage, and leaf in fir tree) were taken in the Washington Arboretum in Seattle. The other two were taken last spring (2003) in the Palouse region of Southeastern Washington (near Idaho border). This is a spectacular region of rolling hills and wheat fields. The rainbow was one of those lucky shots where a large storm was gathering in the East, while a setting sun still bathed the farmhouse from the West.